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The Children Just Might Be All Right

A whole threesome of terror hotties—Rachel Shelley, Eva Birthistle and Eva Sayer—put a lot of terror hottie joy in the midst of upcoming The Children.

The film’s official website will have a couple interesting trailers in the offering, and the plot is another nifty package.  A normal family trip to the aunt and uncle’s house turns downright sinister as one mysterious death occurs, and that’s before the legion of child-like figures start pouring out of the neighboring woods to stage an attack on the house.  And maybe they had something to do with that mysterious death thing too.

Maybe not a hundred percent original…but certainly not THAT derivative, and certainly not any reason to think that this one may not turn out well.  Cancel out the negatives and I’ve got a pretty good feeling about The Children.  Will it bear fruit?  Afraid there’s no way to tell until it finally makes it out.