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Vlog Represents Death of FCC?

Brooke Marks is a pretty big part of what is currently the most watched web series of all time, Vlog, a horror flick about a young lady being stalked by an internet killer. For those of you in Los Angeles, you might well have been in attendance at the Arclight Cinemas Hollywood for the full showing, but it’s still, at this point anyway, available online.

It represents something particularly interesting, Vlog does—a web series backed by a fairly big name in Twisted Pictures. It’s pretty safe to say, at this point, that Vlog is one of the first if not the only web series to boast such backing. With all the uproar about movie piracy, might it be that the internet offers the first viable method to END it? Why steal what’s available for free, after all, and with proper advertiser support, what’s available online can be just as free as network TV. Not to mention that it’s available without all that unpleasant FCC interdiction. Think of it—a prime time broadcast, a FAMILY HOUR broadcast, laden with profanities and exposed nipples and mass bloodshed and the only necessary inclusion a notice at the beginning that this program contains all of the above. If you don’t want to watch it, surf elsewhere!

I look eagerly forward to the long-since timely demise of the FCC, and hope that the Internet may be able to do just that.