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Lionsgate Pulls Season of the Witch

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Remember when I spent all those articles talking about Season of the Witch’s various developments?? Well, if they got you interested in seeing the movie you may well want to restrain your homicidal tendencies when I tell you that Season of the Witch is now officially off Lions Gate’s list of releases.

Yes, the Nicolas Cage / Claire Foy medievalist fantasy is off the list, at least for now, and this isn’t where the news ends, merely where it begins.? This also comes hot on the heels of an announcement that Lions Gate was looking to pick up a new one from Eli Roth, The Last Exorcism.

So did Claire Foy et al get thrown over for the newest Eli Roth?? Or is this just a temporary rejiggering?? Originally, Season of the Witch was slated for a March release–maybe Lions Gate wants to pull back and make a Halloween presence. Only time will tell what the true story is, so keep it here for all the latest.

Season of the Witch Stills Emerge

(Claire Foy)

For those of you looking forward to the upcoming dose of medieval horror known as Season of the Witch, featuring Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman and terror hottie Claire Foy, you’ll have fresh reason to cheer as some juicy looking plague photos hit the bandwidth.

Season of the Witch features Cage as a knight escorting Foy to a monastery where they believe Foy’s magical powers may be behind the Black Plague.  Thus, the monks are planning a ritual by which the plague can be shut down, or so they think.

I don’t get to say the words “medieval horror” in the same sentence very often, unless it’s something like “this particular brand of horror will go medieval on your collective ass”.  But I have to admit that even I’m intrigued, and will likely be on hand to watch when it hits theaters this March.

Season of the Witch Gets Distro—Guess Who?

(Claire Foy)

Remember when I told you about the upcoming Season of the Witch, featuring Claire Foy on terror hottie detail?  Well, the news is about to get weirder, because not only does it prove that Nicolas Cage still has a career despite all logic and good common sense, but the movie’s got distribution as part of a multi-picture deal with none other than Lions Gate.

While I admit it’s good to see Lions Gate getting back into the horror genre—Season of the Witch does at least technically qualify as a horror flick, even if it is a little more in the suspense department—I can’t say I’m happy to see this going.  Lions Gate has done a LOT of work with Nicolas Cage in the past (anyone remember Ghost Rider?) and not much of it has turned out anything like well.

I’m not a hundred percent sure on this one, folks, but this looks like a bad idea that’s about to get some serious legs.  Hopefully I’m overreacting and we’ll get a good Nicolas Cage horror / thriller for a change of pace, but I can’t help but remember stuff like Bangkok Dangerous and shudder.

Claire Foy In On Witch Transport Detail

Claire Foy, a rapidly developing terror hottie in the offing, will join no less a name than Nicolas Cage in upcoming, eventually, title Season of the Witch.

For those who are wondering, no, I can establish absolutely no connection to the third Halloween which in turn has absolutely no connection to the main Halloween series, but that’s beside the point.

Even better news is that Claire Foy will also be joining Ron Perlman, which lends the proceedings even more credibility. The plot itself is downright peachy-nifty, as a group of 14th-century knights transport a suspected witch for trial. This witch, you see, is accused of nothing less than spreading the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Black Plague. So you can just about imagine where it’ll go from there.

Granted, Nic Cage isn’t exactly the greatest actor on Earth, but with Ron Perlman for backup, well, we’ve got a lot to like here.