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Scary Movie Five Set To Bring Back Cast

Well, folks, for those of you looking to check out another go-round of Scary Movie, you’ll be happy to hear that most of the terror hottie driven cast is at least looking to come back.

Current word says that Regina Hall is looking to be back, though whether or not Anna Faris will be back is as yet quite unclear. It’s all still very early stage stuff, so anything can happen at this point, including nothing.

There’s no word on what the plotline will be, though chances are you can count on a whole load of movie parodies and an assortment of strange things going on. I look for an Insidious parody involving someone in blackface or possibly whiteface, and almost certainly something Paranormal Activity related.

There’s also no word on release date or even a start of shooting date, so keep it right here for all the very latest on this one.

Scary Movie To Get Remake

(Anna Faris)

You might not think of the brilliant and at the same time white hot Anna Faris as a terror hottie, but as the centerpiece of every Scary Movie installment to date it’s not such a stretch.  Anyway, that terror hottie laden franchise (if you start adding up the cameos you get a HUGE number of terror hotties) is looking to come back with–get this!–both a sequel and a remake.

Going into almost concurrent development is Scary Movie 5, and a remake of the original Scary Movie.  Now, some might say that the original Scary Movie really isn’t that old, and they’d be right.  But in these days of rampant Hollywood desperation, it’s not surprising to find them pushing to milk any cash cow they can get their hands on.

I wonder when this strategy is finally going to backfire, though….

Another Sweet Halloween Event Happening Well Before Halloween

For those among my readership who both live in Chicago and think that either Angela Bettis or Anna Faris is a choice terror hottie, you might well have missed a real treat. Live in Chigao at Music Box Massacre 4, you could’ve gotten in on a lineup of movies that includes one of your personal favorites—May.

I liked May myself, not least of all because Bettis and Faris are skilled actresses who turned out to make great terror hotties in the process. Sure, the thought of sewing together a friend from bits and pieces and spare parts is plenty creepy, and Bettis and Faries were just the duo to make it even creepier.

Better, this was just one part of a twenty-four hour movie marathon that I wish I’d known about sooner, but that adds yet another question to a growing concern of mine—what, precisely, is the deal with all these interesting Halloween events going on on NOT HALLOWEEN? Seems like even when the day hits on the weekend, as it does this year, all the big Halloween parties and costume contests and whatnot are set up for the previous weekend. I don’t know why that is, and I can’t even begin to speculate as it makes no sense.