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Betsy Palmer Back In Friday the 13th Remake?

Uncharitable souls may not think of Betsy Palmer, the original Pamela Voorhees, as a terror hottie, but I can’t help but think that. And she’s making a little bit of a comeback, in a sense, by way of the upcoming Friday the 13th remake, due out in theatres this February.

Apparently Pamela Voorhees—strangely, I can’t tell if it’s specifically Betsy Palmer playing her– landed a voiceover in the newest—first official, really—teaser trailer for the upcoming remake. This voiceover was said to be cut from recent test screenings; for it to find its way back into the official teaser trailer is an interesting new development. Even more interesting is that this trailer is different from previous trailers shown only as recently as the Scream Awards.

Will there be a Pamela Voorhees voiceover in the finished cut? Will Betsy Palmer manage a horror comeback in the role she made famous? Her career spans almost six decades—can she keep it up?