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Calista Flockhart

Man, do I have a winner for you.  Sometimes, the weirdest things make themselves known to me through a combination of masterful sleuthing and divine intervention.  Guess who’s a horror hottie, of sorts, and we didn’t even know?

None other than Calista Flockhart.

Yeah, you remember her, right?  Spindly little chick from Ally McBeal who looked like she’d blow away in the first stiff breeze?  You would not think she was a horror hottie—she’s never been in a horror flick and the term “hottie” is somewhat subjective—but at least the first part is taken care of!

What our non-American friends know that we do not is that Calista has been making the rounds in a horror flick called Fragile: A Ghost Story for the last three years now.  Interesting enough, Fragile… has never made it to the States.  It’s been all over Europe and down into the Middle East and even made a stop in Thailand, but the U.S. is still not on the list.  There’s rumor it may be on its way, however, and you can watch the woman almost slim enough to be a ghost herself take on ghosts in a hospital setting.  I’m rather looking forward to it, myself, and hope it shows.

That and the thought of Calista Flockhart as a horror hottie is just too weird to pass up.