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Scream Queen Campfire Coming Soon!

With a name like Scream Queen Campfire, there had better be a whole lot of terror hotties involved, now hadn’t there?  You’ll be able to follow all the joy yourself as it comes available on

Indeed, there will be plenty of scream queens in this web series–five of them, and they’ll be telling ten campfire stories just in time for Halloween 2010.  We’ve got word on the first two–Screwdriver, featuring Rachel Grubb, and The Closet, featuring Brittany Daniels.

It’s good to see the web used as a distribution medium, and even better to see terror hotties getting involved with it.  Hopefully the remaining eight shorts will prove to have plenty of terror hotties in them, but either way, we’ll find out how they all come out this Halloween.

Check Your Watch—Thirteen Hours In A Warehouse

Welcome to 13 Hours In A Warehouse, folks—and by the early reviews, it’s going to FEEL like you just spent thirteen hours in a warehouse.  The story that’ll feel like it’s altering space and time around you goes like this: a group of guys just pulled off a spectacular heist, and now they’re waiting for their fence to show up at the warehouse where they’re hiding out.  While they wait, they begin hallucinating numbers and feel like they’re being watched.  And by the time they figure out what’s causing the problem, it’s entirely too late to get out of that warehouse in one piece.

Featuring a wide array of terror hotties– Rachel Grubb and Kathryn Vento, among others—it’s sad to say that they will likely be the only plus side in the movie.  I can believe it, in all honesty—it’s notoriously difficult to pull off a really scary movie when you’ve got basically one set.  There’s only so much to see in that warehouse, and chances are you’ll have seen most of it before the movie’s even half done.  And that’s a substantial problem.  Oh, sure, there’s ways to work around this sort of thing but chances are none of them are actually being put into play here.

And what all this means is that 13 Hours in a Warehouse is going to be, more than likely, a good cure for insomnia.