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Moving Into The Trailer Park of Terror

(Nichole Hiltz)

Terror hottie laden feature Trailer Park of Terror finally made it onto video store shelves on October 21st.  Featuring Nichole Hiltz and Priscilla Barnes, among others, it features six at-risk high school students and an optimistic youth pastor on their way back from a character building retreat at an outdoor facility in the mountains.  A fierce storm strands the group in what’s known as the Trucker’s Triangle—a focus of horrible redneck evil.  Thus, the stranded group takes shelter in an abandoned trailer park, and when the sun sets, they find out it’s not so abandoned after all.

Now, there’s a lot of potential for laughs to be thrown in with the scares here, and that kicks things up a notch as far as I’m concerned, elevating this from yet another cheesy slashfest to yet another cheesy slashfest with some laughs.  You’d be amazed at how much difference a judicious effort to bring in the funny can make—and frankly, you’ve probably been amazed by this phenomenon at some point yourself.

Go get me some trailer park horror action! It is out now!