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Glass Eye Pix Makes Us Offer We Can’t Refuse

A positively star-laden production comes to us by way of Glass Eye Pix’s I Sell The Dead, a film that’ll feature serious named like Ron Perlman, Angus Scrimm, and Brenda Cooney handling the terror hottie position.

For those of you willing to say that Scrimm and Perlman are terror hotties in their own right, well, I can’t question that too hard because it’s all really rather subjective, but it’s ultimately beside the point.  Anyway—what this one is about is a couple of grave robbers who’ve been finally busted for their sad little crimes, and are on their way to be executed.  I hadn’t thought grave robbing was a capital offense…but anyway!  With only hours to go before his death, one of the grave robbers recounts his story to a priest, and we discover that he was no ordinary grave robber…nor were these ordinary graves he was robbing.

An interesting twist, to be certain—but what exactly does all of this mean?  Well, we don’t know just yet, and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you because it would spoiler like all hell.  But even so, it’s definitely something interesting waiting for us, so when it does come out, I’ll definitely be looking forward to getting a copy.