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Crave Adds Hellboy To Its Lineup

(Emma Lung)

Featuring terror hottie Emma Lung, Crave is a movie that might manage to do some damage at the video stores if anyone can get behind it.

And what Crave will bring us to get behind is the story of a photographer whose life has not been going real well lately.  And things only get worse when he starts having hallucinations following getting dumped by his girlfriend and a detective is on his tail round the clock.

You add all these up together and what you might get is a really awesome take on the Jacob’s Ladder school of filmmaking, a  really noirish, scary romp that could keep you up for days.  Of course, the down side is that you might get some deeply nonsensical sludge pile, and who wants that?

No word yet on release dates, but keep it here for the latest.

Getting Crushed At The Video Store

Both Brooke Harman and Emma Lung bring a fresh terror hottie package into upcoming indie film Crush, a film that could go literally either way in terms of quality.

It sounds vaguely like Swimfan for the Tae Kwan Do circuit—an American exchange student and former Tae Kwan Do champion Julian is house-sitting in a mansion in Australia.  He’s then seduced by slightly younger woman Anna, who then goes off the deep end of obsession, infatuation and ultimately madness.

Yes, we’ve all heard THAT one before.  Like several times before.  The fact that I can pin down a comparison in the first two sentences leaves me with little hope for this one, terror hotties or no terror hotties.  It truly makes no sense that they’d even bother making this one, since it’s going to be so roundly lambasted for being a knockoff of so many others before it.  Even if it comes out really well—which, frankly, I can’t imagine it doing—it’ll still have that shadow it’s operating under.

Hopefully, however, Crush will be able to find an audience, possibly in the “people who don’t watch many movies” market segment.