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Sssshockingly Good Fun With Terror Hottiesss

(Mallika Sherawat)

Finally, some fresh news comes our way about Nagin, featuring Bollywood star Mallika Sherawat as the thoroughly creepy Snake Woman. First off, the title has been changed from Nagin to Hisss. Yes, with three S’s.

Most of the salient points have not yet changed, however. Sherawat is still the Snake Woman, Robert Kurtzman of The Rage and Wishmaster fame will still be handling special effects, and Jennifer Lynch is still handling directorial duties.

This is something of good news, as it looks like a good mix of personnel involved, and the last time we had a Bollywood-influenced title was, well, I don’t KNOW when we last had a Bollywood-influenced title. It’s this that makes Hisss so very compelling. You know I’m all about the originality out here—even just trying something new is worthwhile in my book even if it doesn’t work out in the end—so hearing about a fairly new direction in…imitation…is a surprise and enough to keep me paying attention.

Okay, sure…I really AM just getting excited about the fact that Hollywood found something new to rip off, but new’s new, and in this industry, the sad but true story is that anything original beats a whole host of unoriginal movies by a whole bunch.