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The Economy Makes Great Horror Fodder

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Jennifer Baltusis, Cynthia Luk, Danielle Anzelone and Liz Walsh are the terror hottie contingent of the movie that hits entirely too close to home, Mr. Mullen.

Mr. Mullen revolves around Chris Mitchell, a man who worked hard and saved for retirement all his life only to discover that that was the stupidest thing he ever did, because government corruption wiped out his life savings.

But Chris isn’t taking it lying down, no sir–he’s gone off to find Senator Edward Mullen, the man responsible for Chris’s losses.  You can just about imagine where that’ll go from there.

Oooh yeah, someone’s about to go all Last House on the Left on somebody.

A little close to home, yes, but somehow, making a horror movie about a bad economy just sort of makes sense.  Sure worked for Saw VI, didn’t it?  And even better, when this finally emerges January 2010, it’ll be released online…FOR FREE.

Looking forward to this one?  I sure am!

Is This The Beginning of Emo Horror?

As though things weren’t bad enough already, it’s time to get a little more dystopian with our movies and our terror hotties. Look for Gail Merzer Behrens and Jennifer Baltusis to show up in upcoming title Loss of Hope, also co-written by terror hottie Baltusis.

A nuclear war kills millions in the film, and a man who has lost all hope (hence the title) must turn to his memories to heal himself. Interestingly enough, it will be released next month strictly online. Keep an eye on director Scott Goldberg’s MySpace page for more news, assuming you’re interested.

This sounds, of course, depressing as all hell and the perfect starter to advance the subgenre of emo horror, that is, horror for emo kids who would otherwise spend their nights listening to bad music or possibly cutting themselves. It’s like someone set out to put Antiprozac on film. It strikes me as somewhat hard to believe that people would want to voluntarily put themselves through such a thing, but it’s definitely there for the interested.