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Korean Take Out? Soul Mates Shows Us How

(Han Chae-young)

In a surprise move, it seems as though we’ve started to imitate Korean-style horror filmmaking, which is probably a terrible idea. I’ll explain more on why in just a minute, but first, it’s called Soul Mates, features Korean actress Han Chae-young of Love Now fame, and all we know about the plot so far is that it’s about both eternal love and vengeful ghosts.

This is, of course, standard fare for Korean horror and part of the problem. Korean horror, in my experience, is never very good. It’s frequently chatty, and will spend lots of time on dialogue without much in the way of scares. This becomes the major problem with most Korean horror—it spends most of its time talking without being very scary. Even the parts with the ghosts often aren’t that scary, and that’s why Korean horror is usually of a much poorer quality than other Asian film.

Japanese horror will focus on building atmosphere and a slowly growing terror—the only question is if it will actually use what it’s built up. Thai horror, as evidenced by movies like Shutter, will use ghosts like bludgeons, having them show up infrequently but forcefully. The Chinese now refuse to do horror movies as a matter of national policy so we’ll leave them out of the comparisons. So you can see why Korean horror is probably the worst kind of Asian horror, and thus, why I’m not at ALL looking forward to Soul Mates.