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Open Graves Pulls Out Fresh Dushku Photo

(Eliza Dushku)

All right, folks, we got some cheery happy news for you today if your particular cup of tea involves Eliza Dushku fresh out of the water.? Sadly, there’s no way I can think of to say “she’s soaking wet” without sparking enough double entendres to possibly get me declared not safe for work, but she’s clearly been swimming, and I mean that literally.

Though the early buzz around this film, which deals with a kind of board game powered by voodoo that’s looking to kill some people in the grandest old Witchboard style, is so negative as to redefine the poison pen letter, we’ve definitely been working under a pronounced lack of Dushku lately.? Thus, on a limited level, I welcome Open Graves, and hope it doesn’t turn out to be near as bad as the initial buzz suggests.

Of course, we all know that initial buzz is seldom as correct as we’d like it to be, and that works both ways.? Just because we’re hearing a whole raftload of bad news about this so far doesn’t mean we’re in for a bad time later.

Ghostbusters 3 Tacking On Terror Hotties

(Eliza Dushku)

Now this is a chunk of downright weird–seems that there’s been some additions to the Ghostbusters 3 cast list I hadn’t actually noticed.  Like Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku.

Personally, I love Eliza Dushku–Alyssa Milano I can take or leave–but bringing them both on is a terribly exciting prospect.  That brings the score up to three now if you count Sigourney Weaver (and we do!), so there’s no shortage of terror hottie joy here.

The question of the day, of course, is will all this tinkering actually work out for Ghostbusters 3?  No one knows, and no one likely WILL know until the film is finally released sometime in 2011.  We can, however, all hope for the best, and if nothing else, enjoy the massive terror hottie loadout in here.

Eliza Dushku Coming Back!

(Eliza Dushku)

In case you thought that terror hottie Eliza Dushku was pretty much sidelined because of her work on TV’s Dollhouse, well, you can think again.  The magnificently terror hottie actress will be back in play in the upcoming release Locked In.

A trailer has been released already, and frankly, it’s looking pretty sweet.  Featuring a guy who leaves his advertising career at its peak, and subsequently loses his daughter to a car accident that leaves her in a coma, it’s not surprising that, after everyone gives up on them, he starts hearing her communicating with him.  But is she really trying to reach him?  Or has the loss and change just driven him over the edge?

Not exactly the kind of thing we’d normally see around here, and it should be pretty interesting.  Sadly, there’s no release data I can spot, but we’ll keep you posted.  It IS Eliza Dushku, after all.

Still More Eliza Dushku Fun

(Eliza Dushku)

You know, I love that Eliza Dushku’s getting some more action in the horror market, because she’s always been a pretty solid actress.  Not only has she been involved in Dollhouse and that Dorian Grey thriller coming out soon, she’s also got another one coming out soon called Valediction.

Valediction presents us with a father’s life ruined when his daughter gets into a car accident that leaves her near-death.  As he frantically searches for a way to save her life, he steadily gathers pieces of a puzzle that show he’s not just fighting for his daughter…he’s fighting for himself too.

I know, sounds kind of freaky—not sure what a whole lot of that could mean in a traditional narrative sense, but there’s some distinctly good possibilities in that package.  No word on release dates yet; they’re still in mid-shooting, but when I hear more you know where to find it!

Terror Hotties Take Another Wrong Turn on Blu-Ray

(Eliza Dushku)

If you couldn’t get enough Eliza Dushku, terror hottie buffs, you’ll get another chance September 15th when she’ll be re-released onto Blu-Ray with Wrong Turn.

Also coming out that day will be the much poorer sequel, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, but there’s not a whole lot more to say about that one that doesn’t involve phrases like “pale imitation”, “second-rate filmmaking” and “total waste of plastic”.  Frankly, after seeing this franchise collapse under its own weight, I’m not even vaguely looking forward to the reported release of Wrong Turn 3 this October, if it even happens.  And if it doesn’t happen, well, you won’t catch me being overly concerned.

There are those who call Wrong Turn an important milestone, giving it at least partial credit for restarting a move away from lighter horror as evidenced by releases of the late nineties and early new millennium.  I think they’re giving it too much credit, myself—a lot of the “hardcore” stuff that followed was garbage anyway, and the “hardcore” resurgence would also be partially to blame for the torture porn buildup.  But still—Eliza Dushku’s involved, so I won’t fuss too much.

You’ll Never Guess Who Dan Aykroyd Wants in Ghostbusters

(Eliza Dushku)

Give Dan Aykroyd some credit—the guy knows his terror hotties.  And he’s picked a couple very nice choices for terror hotties he’d like to see in Ghostbusters 3: Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku.

Okay, I can’t blame him there.  Those are two VERY good choices who would undoubtedly bring an extra terror hottie punch to whatever they’re in on, but I confess that there are others I’d just as well see…possibly even more so.  Don’t get me wrong here—I like Eliza Dushku just as much as the next straight guy—but where’s the love for Monica Keena or Tiffany Shepis?  I suppose it’s all a matter of personal preference, but still, there’s plenty of others out there to consider too.  All part of the great tapestry of terror hottie joy in which we find ourselves.

And a greater question remains—just because Aykroyd wants them involved, will they make it?  They’re poised to start shooting fairly soon…possibly TOO soon to get them in.  We’ll keep our eyes open, because if nothing else, we’ve got Sigourney Weaver as our terror hottie and that’s still not bad.

Terror Hottie Gets Choice Maxim Spread

All right, guys–if you’re out buying lad mags any time soon, you may want to look into a copy of Maxim.  Seems one of the choicest terror hotties that ever there was will have a spread in an upcoming issue: none other than Eliza Dushku herself.

You might remember Eliza Dushku from a whole lot of places, like Wrong Turn and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and of course her most recent stint on Dollhouse.  There are a lot of reasons to remember Eliza Dushku, just as many as there are to like her.

She’s a high-quality actress and worthy of the name terror hottie in every way, so if you get the chance, go put up with the stares and snickers of the folks at the newsstand and grab a copy of Maxim.  Do it for Eliza Dushku.  She’s counting on you.

Now I Know You’re Not Going To Believe This

(Eliza Dushku)

But seriously, bear with me—because unless the IMDB has started lying to me, terror hottie Eliza Dushku has gone off in a strange new direction.

Namely, Bible story voiceovers.

Currently in production and slated for release sometime this year, it’s called Noah’s Ark: The New Beginning and it features a whole slate of unlikely cast, including Jason Lee of My Name Is Earl fame and no less than Mister Snootchie-Bootchies himself, Jason Mewes. Oddly enough, Kevin Smith seems to have not one whit of involvement in this, disproving my long-held theory that Mewes was joined at the hip to Smith and couldn’t function in the outside world for long without his patron.

Eliza Dushku, meanwhile, will apparently be voicing the character of Zalbeth, Shem’s wife and one of Noah’s several daughters-in-law. I frankly couldn’t believe it when I saw it either, but there it is. I confess to being eager to see it only if it’s just so damnably UNLIKELY.

Anchor Bay Dredges Up Alphabet Killer

You’ve got to love Eliza Dushku, former it girl who never really managed to capitalize very hard on her success—sure, that’s debatable, but in all honesty, I troll a whole LOT of news looking for good stuff to tell you guys about and this is one of the first newsy bits on Eliza Dushku I’ve come across in some time. Yes, yes, I’ve heard about Dollhouse, but then, most of America hasn’t yet..

Anyway, she’s actually going to be making a putsch on the theatres as she gets into Anchor Bay’s newest (hopefully) treasure, The Alphabet Killer. It’s going to get a very limited theatrical run, however, before hitting wide-scale DVD in January of 2009. So look for this action to get fired up very soon.

Dushku will be playing Rochester cop Megan Page, whose nigh-fanatical pursuit of the killer of a young girl leads her to lose her fiancé, her career, and even just a bit of her sanity. Now Megan’s back on the force, demoted and getting psychological help from, of all people, Timothy Hutton. But old faces come back to haunt her as another two girls turn up murdered with the same M.O. as the girl who cost Megan so much.

Sounds nifty, doesn’t it? Well, most of us will get the chance to catch this in January.

Eliza Dushku back in action

You know, I was just starting to wonder what the hell, if anything at all, Eliza Dushku was doing any more.  After suffering through some of the dreck she’s been spotted in—The New Guy, I’m looking squarely at you, you waste of plastic you—I was losing all hope of seeing her back in her element.  Would horror hottie Dushku reclaim her title, or let it sink into the morass of obscurity? 

Wow, I’m deep.

But just in case you didn’t think that was rhetorical, the answer is, yeah, she’s taking it back.  The upcoming “Open Graves”, filmed on location in Spain, will be hitting the States sometime in 2008. 

The plot, meanwhile, has definitely got my interest piqued—it’s like a horrible, horrible version of Jumanji, but without Robin Williams.  It’s about a board game that kills as you play.  I guess the winner gets to live or something, there’s not a whole lot of information.  But still!  It’s not what you’d call a bad idea, and with true-breed horror hottie Dushku back in action, well, it’s definitely one to add to the list!