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Anamorph Slips Into Video Stores This December

Also part of our December movie lineup is a little-known title from IFC featuring Clea DuVall on terror hottie duty.  It’s called Anamorph, and it had a brief theatrical run just a couple months ago.  Anyway, it involves detectives tracking a killer who murders people in a fashion involving a painting technique called “anamorphosis”.

This would probably explain WHY it had a limited theatrical run this summer—a serial killer whose methods revolve around an obscure art technique isn’t exactly mainstream and commercial.  In a marketplace where the current top movie is a badly-acted Hispanic caricature called Beverly Hills Chihuahua, a movie that centers on an artistic technique I had to Google before I could even write about the stupid thing doesn’t exactly suggest long-term profitability.

For those wondering, basically, anamorphism is about images that only look “right” when viewed in an unusual fashion.  So you can tell this is exactly the kind of thing that’s just tailor-made for IFC, and not the kind of thing most horror buffs will be after.  Just a heads-up.