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What’s Beneath The Surface? You Probably Don’t Want to Know

(Dominique Croix)

Dominique Croix brings us all the terror hottie joy we can use to recent release Beneath The Surface, notable for not just Mamselle Croix, but also for a rather unique plotline.

A guy named Ethan’s been having a lot of problems since his lover died—she’s been accused for a host of crimes, and to make matters worse, she killed herself. Or at least that’s what Ethan thinks. Not content to let sleeping dogs lie, Ethan raises his love from the dead to find out what the deal is with her killing herself and such. Naturally, as is the case when you go meddling in the whole “death” thing in horror movies, Ethan brings back plenty more than his girlfriend, and now must try to clear her name, expose the truth behind her possibly not-so-suicide, and of course keep the world from being engulfed in demonic madness.

You know, it’s kind of nice to see they didn’t go the Ouija board route with this but instead went just whole hog and had Ethan raise his girlfriend from the dead. That shows a real commitment to the narrative and really gets me interested in try to find a copy, which shouldn’t be too tough because by the time you read this it will already be out.