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You Can’t Go Home Again–Quench

(Mia Moretti)

Mia Moretti headlines upcoming horror tale Quench, in which a young man discovers that you just can’t go home again no matter how much you’d like to.

Derik, a young collegiate in the midst of mourning a loved one, heads home to see old friend Jason, his best friend since grade school. Though it’s been three years since either have seen or spoken to the other, Derik finds that Jason’s changed a lot since the old school days. He looks different. He acts different. And he’s also joined what looks like a cult that calls itself “Family”.

So a bad sign all the way around—but what will Derik do in the face of this? Bring down the Family? Get too close to learning the horrible secrets? Or maybe…maybe in the midst of grief and sorrow for days gone by, Derik will become the next part of the Family.

We won’t know for some time to come, but I’m certainly looking forward to it.