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Wicked Lake Deeper Than Expected

It’s an interesting twist this time around with the film Wicked Lake, in that a group of four terror hotties will be pursued and attacked by two whole clans of deranged male misfits.  I’m sure you’re wondering at this point we’re exactly the twist is because this is been the impetus of several other horror movies and very few of them have been any good.  Well here’s the punch — the ladies are more than capable of defending themselves, something the inbred mountain folk will discover much to their horror.

Call me twisted, but I like this idea.  How different would Deliverance have been if all the guys in the canoe were werewolves?  How about if the guys in Hostel were ninjas? There is a certain cathartic value in having a group of insane sadistic killers suddenly land themselves neck deep in a situation they weren’t bargaining for and getting their collective asses handed to them.  

I can’t help but enjoy a movie whose moral is don’t be a sadistic psychopath because you will be beaten unmercifully by your own victims.  And it can only help when you have a spectacular terror hottie backup like Robyn Sydney, Carlee Baker, Eryn Josln and Eve Mauro.  Oh, and Tim Thomerson’s in this too—he may not be a terror hottie but he’s been livening up low-budget horror for decades now.