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The Devils Chair Is Never A La-z-boy

I’m sufficiently freaked out by the box art of The Devil’s Chair to make me wonder if this may not in fact be a good horror title.  I confess to some alarm, especially given that there was already a release called the chair not too long ago that also dealt with an insane chair. 

There’s only so much you can do with psychopathic furnishings, though I’m sure we’ve all been vaguely tempted to wonder what it be like if our furniture suddenly sprouted teeth and decided to eat us, since it’s already open like a mouth anyway. I know, I know, a little heavy on the metaphor, but sometimes hyperbole must be employed recklessly to make excellent points. 

It’s doubly interesting in that it’s also set in an abandoned insane asylum, which is at once a good move and a cheap shot.  It screams low budget, but has enough shadows and convolutions to serve successfully in terms of building atmosphere.  

Plus of course there is a good involvement of terror hotties– why else would be talking about this?—including Elize Du Toit, Nadja Brand, Louise Griffiths and Polly Brown.

More on this one when I finally manage to get a copy.