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A Second Course of Feast

(Jenny Wade)

(Jenny Wade)

Coming back for some reason is Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds, now just recently released to DVD and featuring terror hotties Jenny Wade and Diane Goldner.

Set the morning after a long siege at the bar in the middle of nowhere, the flesh eating beasties that kept our barflies occupied for so long, are now loose and running amok in the nearby town.  Those few survivors of the barfight royale are left to join with a group of local survivors with one goal: stay alive at any cost.

You’ve got to hand it to a movie is so devoted to the bizarre that it will include not only an all girl biker gang but also several midgets.  After watching Feast, and finding it at least marginally palatable, I found myself looking forward to the second course.  Even if I wasn’t terribly fond of the name “sloppy seconds”.  Like you couldn’t just use the obvious metaphor of second course?  Is that just too difficult for you?  Not sufficiently offensive for no clear purpose?

But that small aesthetic point aside, we still have a solid array of action and horror elements combining to give us what should be a real donnybrook of a film. 
There’s lots of reasons to go get a hand on Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, but even one is good enough.