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Jack’s Back—Eventually. And With More Budget!

(Rachel Skarsten)

Initial word on the upcoming Jack Brooks sequel—yes of course there’s going to be a Jack Brooks sequel—is that it will have more monsters, more budget, and hopefully will find a way to have more terror hotties, too. It’s not like the first one was slack in that department–Rachel Skarsten, Ashley Bryant, Stefanie Drummond, Meghanne Kessels, Meg Charette, and Kristyn Butcher is not exactly a small list—but still, nothing wrong with more.

I think we’ll all be fairly satisfied if they manage to keep the current numbers up. And of course it’s also great news that they’re looking to up their budget and up their monster count. That’s really what made the first Jack Brooks—it’s good to see that they’re planning to play to their strengths for the second.

It’s good to see that straight up, monster-battle driven horror can still find itself a place on video store shelves, especially when it’s as laced with terror hotties as the first Jack Brooks was.

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Kills On DVD

Sometimes it’s the grand old traditions that keep us the most interested.  Sometimes all we really want to see in our horror movies is not coeds being tortured, or who can rip off who’s face the fastest, or who can perform the greatest perversion on who.  

We just want to see a guy get angry and kick a whole bunch of monster ass–and if he can do it with some hot babes around so much the better.  It’s for these and many other reasons that I’m glad to see that a movie like Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer can still find its way into video stores.

Essentially the story of the local plumber with a serious anger management problem, Jack Brooks takes some night classes and unknowingly disturbs the grounds surrounding his professor’s old house.  This results in a fury of monsters being born unto the earth that Jack must now face and destroy.  Really this is just a refination of Super Mario Brothers, only without the kitschy mushroom people monsters.  Not to be dismissive of it, because in all honesty I’m happy to see a movie like this getting made.  

A little good old fashioned monster violence is just what this industry needs, frankly!  No more torture, no more abductions, no more skin peeling!  Just one guy– one really angry guy– beating holy hell out of some monsters.  And even better, the addition of a laundry list of terror hotties including: Rachel Skarsten, Ashley Bryant, Stefanie Drummond, Meghanne Kessels, Meg Charette, and Kristyn Butcher.