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Passengers Now Boarding Terror Hotties

It’s only a few more weeks until Anne Hathaway makes the jump to terror hottie with her upcoming Passengers, and we’ve got a few more newly-minted terror hotties involved in the festivities.  Check THIS out: both Clea DuVall and Dianne Wiest will become terror hotties thanks to Passengers.

Just to remind you, the plot on this features Anne Hathaway as a young therapist sent to see to the psychological traumas involved in several survivors of a plane crash.  But as the survivors of the plane crash start disappearing mysteriously, it’s up to Hathaway to unravel the growing secrecy around the plane crash..and its aftermath.

Sounds freaky to say the least, but whether it’ll be The Sixth Sense freaky or The Forgotten freaky remains to be seen.  Naturally, I’m hoping for early Shyamalan.

Anne Hathaway Not Letting Grass Grow Under Her Feet

Well, that’s for sure, anyway—after the recent discovery that recent terror hottie Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend was about as crooked as a Karl Rove lookalike contest, it’s not a surprise that she dumped him.  She’s “totally single” right now, so we’re told, but she did meet someone recently who apparently has her all fired up.

She’s described as saying that “this guy (she) know(s) in L.A. is kind of doing it for (her) right now”, and that when she “think(s) of sexy, she think(s) of him”.  Those would be quotes but I had to play with the pronouns a bit, as she’s talking about herself there.

Hopefully her current heartthrob is a bit smarter than her last one, who apparently sent the judge a photo of himself and the pope together in a bid to reduce his prison sentence.  Some word says that this is the same photo he used to get people interested in his alleged land scam in the first place.

So, good luck to Anne Hathaway, who hopefully will have a better run with this new guy, whoever he may be.

Hathaway Back For Another Scary Round

Another round of Anne Hathaway horror comes our way when Passengers lands in the United States for a limited theatrical release.

This time around, Hathaway will play a grief counselor helping six plane crash survivors, when she forms a special bond with one of the survivors.  But then, the survivors begin disappearing under unusual circumstances.  The suspicious Hathaway goes forth to find out what’s going on.

I’m actually pleased by this—Anne Hathaway has been having a rough time of things lately and it’s good to see she’s still getting work.  I like the thought of her expanding outward into horror titles, because she could use a little expansion to shake that whole Disney rep she’s got going on.

And granted, this isn’t the most original plotline—I remember them doing something very similar with the movie The Forgotten—but it could still be done half decently.  So I find myself hoping that I’m part of that limited release.

Hathaway Promoted For Burton Film

So I’m a little bit surprised to discover that we’ve got something of a new terror hottie in our midst, none other than Anne Hathaway.  It seems she’s been cast to play the role of the white witch in the upcoming Tim Burton take on Alice in Wonderland and you know that when Tim Burton is involved you’re really going to be looking at something pushing horror limits. 

Considering that Burton’s career has been largely built on dark comedies and dark family titles, it’s not much of a surprise to see him take on Alice in Wonderland, which was of course only inches from a horror title to begin with.  Don’t believe me? Ask the oysters.  Considering that Hathaway has already built a career out of being a princess it’s not so unlikely to see her step into Alice in Wonderland. 

Thus I’m looking forward to seeing how she can handle the job and expect her to do fairly well.  Anne Hathaway is a terror hottie? We could do a whole lot worse.