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Rose McGowan Looks To Get In On Tell-Tale Heart

Just when you thought you’d gotten enough Rose McGowan, along comes word that the great terror hottie herself will be making an appearance in another horror title, The Tell Tale Heart.

The movie version of The Tell Tale Heart is set to be a lot like the original Poe story from which it came, following a man who murders an old man, and then hides said old man’s body under the floorboards of his house. Naturally, it doesn’t take too long for the guilt to start settling in, and for the man to hear the beating of the old man’s heart every minute he spends in the house.

It’s currently shooting down in Louisiana, so don’t look for this one to hit theaters any time soon. Still though, it’s interesting to see how many Edgar Allen Poe adaptations we’ve had come down the pike lately, between this and that one with John Cusack. Still though, you never know how these will turn out, so keep it here for all the latest news on this one.

Official Rosewood Lane Trailer Lands

We’ve been following Rosewood Lane, featuring Rose McGowan as the front running terror hottie (but backed up by some other impressive names like Lesley-Anne Down and Lin Shaye), for some time now. But now, the official trailer has landed, and that pretty much means we should be finally getting a chance to catch the whole thing directly.

Rosewood Lane follows a radio talk show psychologist who’s returned to her old hometown, only to discover that there’s a new standard of evil in the town. And the new horror stalking her hometown? The paper boy. Now she’ll have to survive the bizarre attacks the paper boy puts on in a bid to keep herself alive.

Sounds creepy enough for two, no mistake there, and after seeing the trailer, I’m definitely encouraged. It’s no Jeepers Creepers 3, but it should be a pretty impressive little romp indeed. No word as yet on just when we’ll get to see this one go live, but hopefully, it’ll be sooner rather than later.

Rosewood Lane To Get Its Premiere At Screamfest 2011

For those of you who’ve been missing your Jeepers Creepers fix, prepare to get a terror hottie laced shot of Victor Salva thanks to both Rose McGowan and the upcoming Rosewood Lane, which will be making its first appearance out at Screamfest 2011.

Rosewood Lane follows a radio psychiatrist who finds herself moving back to her childhood home. Her dad recently died, so of course she’s got to go back to take care of the estate. But when she does, she discovers that what’s waiting for her isn’t just an estate needing settling, but also a neighborhood that’s badly unsettled. In fact, the problem seems to be that the paperboy has the neighborhood on edge. What is the paperboy’s disturbing secret? You’ll find out.

I enjoyed both installments of Jeepers Creepers and am looking forward to the third, so hopefully Salva’s Rosewood Lane will turn out as nice as the Jeepers Creepers installment did. No word on release dates for video on this one, and as far as I’m concerned, sooner the better.

Dylan’s Wake To Pack In The Terror Hotties

(Amy Smart)

If you’re as excited as I am by the concept of Rose McGowan and Amy Smart in the same movie, then you’ll definitely be looking forward to the upcoming Dylan’s Wake.

Described as both a “supernatural love story” and a “horror mystery”, Dylan’s Wake centers on a young funeral parlor worker trying to unravel a ten-year-old mystery.  Filming is already currently underway in Iowa, and oddly enough, the whole thing is being bankrolled by a combination of private equity and Iowa tax incentives.

It’s a ballsy move, especially in this economy, to make a movie on private money and tax incentives, especially not knowing where it’d go from there.  Hopefully it can get distribution, or at least make a splash on Amazon, if nothing else.  Of course, with the cast list, it should manage to at least catch Lions Gate or Anchor Bay’s attention.

Rose McGowan Fans, Start Your Sobbing!

That’s right, kids—longtime terror hottie Rose McGowan is now officially off the market, as she’s now quite thoroughly engaged to Robert Rodriguez.  Doubt it?  Well, let’s put it this way—at the Hollywood Style Awards, McGowan was caught wearing a pretty monster rock on her hand and I’m not talking Kryptonite.  Anyone wanting to know how large the ring was specifically will have to ask Robert himself as not even Rose McGowan knows.  She didn’t ask.

McGowan describes the proposal as “lovely and very personal”, and will be in the market for a wedding planner on the order of soon, as she’s not the type to go Bridezilla over the details.  Which is probably a good thing, really, as a Bridezilla McGowan might involve demons or high explosives.  She’d sooner just “go to an island and pay someone to handle everything”, she’s said.

Possible maid of honor for the proceedings?  Quentin Tarantino.

Rose McGowan as Barbarella

It’s possible you may not have heard of this, but former Charmed star and gun-legged Grindhouse stripper extraordinaire Rose McGowan is actually looking to play the title character in an upcoming remake of Barbarella.  Yeah, that’s right—the Jane Fonda Barberella.  The 1968 Barbarella. 

Otherwise known as the Oh my GOD are we THIS desperate? Barbarella.

That pretty much sums up, in a nutshell, exactly how I feel about this.  For crying out loud, Rose…you’re better than this. You’re better than Barbarella.  Seriously.  I’ve seen you work.  You are damn good when you want to be.  Surely you want to be better than this. 

Personal appeals aside, it’s a horrible, horrible idea that will go down in a smoking heap in box offices, assuming it doesn’t make the ever-popular move directly to video.  It’s not like the first one was any great shakes even by 1960’s standards, and most of the appeal on that one was to Jane Fonda’s fans. 

Frankly, Rose McGowan is good—damn good!—but I don’t think she’s got the fan base to bring in sufficient viewers to make this worthwhile.  The story sure can’t handle it on its own.

But regardless—Rose McGowan still qualifies as a horror hottie, and hopefully, she can make…somehow…Barbarella worth watching.  But man, will it ever be a long shot.