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Russian Terror Hotties Favor Short Film?

Cruising the film festival circuit right now is a stretch of the imagination featuring terror hottie Dina Sirotkina. I say a stretch of the imagination because, although it’s set in a Russian bioweapons bunker, it was filmed entirely in Orange County in California.

But anyway—it’s called Facility 4, and like I said, it’s set in a bioweapons bunker while two Soviet soldiers named Kolyan and Dima keep a boring watch over it. One day, things get a whole lot less boring than normal, but now, Kolyan and Dima must find a way out of the bunker, now on lockdown, and while trying to escape past the bioweapons that the government created and put in there in the first place.

Not bad, huh, kids? It sounds like a pretty bang-up ride, all right—but the problem is this one’s going to be hard to find. While the trailer is in several different places, including YouTube, the actual film itself is still in the festival circuit. And being a short film, it’s not too likely to find distribution. But who knows? If enough people get interested, maybe a broader reach can be found.

And that’s why I just told you about it.