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The Bitch Is Back, Gets A New Terror Hottie Added

Amanda Plummer looks to join the cast of the upcoming title The Bitch, and from the sounds of things, this one’s going to be pretty impressive. Especially so, in fact, if you like your horror with a little comic edge.

The Bitch follows four women who are out on a trip, and find themselves experiencing a breakdown. Their car out of commission, they do about the only thing they can do: they take shelter in an old mansion. The mansion, not surprisingly, is haunted, but what the mansion is haunted by might be. The mansion is home to an evil spirit known only as “The Bitch”.

With a variety of terror hotties backing up a thoroughly unexpected horror plotline, this could be some pretty good stuff indeed. I’ve seen this kind of thing go very wrong, but at the same time, this might be a pretty good piece of work in the end. They’re set to start shooting this one in March, so hopefully, we’ll see how this one all comes out before too much longer has hit.

Terror Hotties Putting Some Juice In Jack Ketchum Adaptation?

Can it be that we’re finally going to get a halfway decent Jack Ketchum adaptation?  After having seen The Lost, and having been revolted away from The Girl Next Door, I began to wonder if there was anything Ketchum could write that wasn’t explicative garbage.  That particular worm may have finally turned with the upcoming release of Red, a film about the love and family dog who dies, and the ensuing events that lead to murder.

It helps, of course, that red is directed by genre favorite Lucky McKee, who was recently regarded as a Master of Horror in season one of the show by the same name.  That and having several genre favorite actors involved in the ride like Robert Englund and terror hottie Amanda Plummer, definitely lends some extra punch to the proceedings.  It’s already being compared to Cronenberg’s A History of Violence, and between that and the involvement of Lucky McKee, it’s definitely got a lot going for it.

And we’ll finally get to see how well it turns out October 28th when it’s released on DVD.