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Real-Life Terror Hotties Give Us The Score On Serial Killers

This time around, I’ve got some news of a more realistic terror hottie for you — Katherine Ramsland Ph.D.  Now, you might not be terribly familiar with this name right off, but chances are you will be fairly soon when the story of Carl Panzram finally hits screens.  The film is titled Carl Panzram: a True Story of Hatred and Revenge, and will describe the story of Carl Panzram in both his own words and those of expert interviews including Katherine Ramsland.

The Panzram film will be director Borowski’s third, and represents part of an effort to create “historic documentaries with contemporary perspective on serial killers from America’s past”.  After having seen his earlier title about Albert Fish, I am convinced that Borowski is more than up to the task.  His work is absolutely unflinching even in the most horrifying parts and well worth watching.  No word yet on just when this one will hit us, but it will definitely be worth the find when it actually does.