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And The Sci-Fi Channel Only Makes Things Worse

(Amanda Brooks)

So it seems that terror hottie Amanda Brooks, who we last saw in Dragon Wars is coming back for a little more in Sci-Fi Channel’s not so original picture Hellhounds, directed by Rick Schroder.

Hellhounds, set in 500 B.C. stars Scott Elrod as Kleitos, a Greek warrior who will be fighting against the hellhounds occupying the land of Hades. He’s pounding undead in order to bring his bride, captured in Hades, to life. Those of you who are wondering why they didn’t just go ahead and call him Kratos, I’m afraid I have little help for you there.
Truly, I love the Sci-Fi channel because they can take the most unoriginal garbage and unflinchingly call it a “Sci-fi Channel Original Picture”. Have they forgotten that this is a has been done with Cerberus: the Guardian of Hell or failing that at the very least with Minotaur? The whole thing just infuriates me, in all honesty, even though it’s a cold sort of fury.