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Elissa Dowling Toplines Ginger

Strange headline, I know, but that’s the early word: turns out top-notch terror hottie Elissa Dowling is the title character in the upcoming release of Ginger.

Ginger follows the lady of the same name, a songstress with a lot of potential going for her. In fact, her career is looking to take off in no uncertain terms. And now, a music blogger is about to stage an interview with her, when the site the interview is taking place on turns out to be an even bigger story than the story itself–it’s haunted. And not just haunted, but haunted by the ghosts of mass murderers. And that may well kill the blogger and the songstress alike.

They’re only just getting started shooting this one. And that means we’re not likely to see this one on the shelves for some time to come. But still, this could be a pretty worthwhile outing–there have been some truly exciting ghost stories before, and that gives this one plenty of opportunity. There have also been terrible ghost stories, so anything’s possible here, and we’ll have a good long wait to find out how it all comes out.

What Is It About Terror Hotties and Driving?

(Elissa Dowling)

Both Olena Madison and terror hottie staple Elissa Dowling come together to give us Death Racers, a movie that features more of the Insane Clown Posse then you probably ever want to see. I have my doubts that they can actually pull this off considering the last thing I saw involving them was a vaguely Joe Castro related nightmare of a movie called Demons At The Door, and they immediately followed this up of course with appearances in Charles Band swill Evil Bong, so it’s not like they have a great track record as far as movies go.

Anyway what this one is about is about what it sounds like–a cross-country race where killing other racers is how you actually win. If it sounds similar to the actual movie Death Race or its quasi remake /sequel that showed up in theaters, I wouldn’t be at all surprised because I noticed that similarity myself. I don’t know if they’re going for homage or knockoff, but whichever way they were going, they’ve definitely succeeded.

I confess I’m not looking for a whole lot out of this one mostly due to the unoriginal nature of the script, but they’ve definitely got some credibility going for them by bringing in insane clown posse, especially since the duo has made ultra-kinetic violence an art form.

So the jury is out, and we should be able to find out how it goes fairly soon.