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Maybe Some Terror Hotties Shouldn’t Drive…

Still more fun, still more mayhem, still more terror hotties from the good people at Anchor Bay Releasing. This time around were talking Five Across the Eyes, and there are no less than five terror honeys involved in this one, including Jennifer Barnett, Angela Brunda, Danielle Lilly, Sandra Paduch, Mia Yi, and Veronica Garcia.

Anyway, the quintet is on their way home from a high school football game when they become hopelessly lost. Stopping for directions in the truly female fashion at a deserted store, the girls become involved in a minor fender bender which leaves an SUV with a broken headlight. Scared of getting in trouble over their minor automotive mishap they flee the scene of the accident and speed away down dark and unfamiliar roads entering an area the locals call the eyes.

As they enter the eyes, they find an SUV coming at them with only one headlight. You can imagine where this goes from here.

This particular title is currently sitting on my coffee table rating to be reviewed fully so look for it when that comes out in the next couple of weeks. I’m really rather looking forward to it.

(Jennifer Barnett)

(Danielle Lilly)