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Lena Headey Playing Doctor In New Movie

(Lena Headey)

I know what you’re thinking–yes, most of us would doubtless love to play doctor with Lena Headey too, but that’s not always possible.  In fact, for most of us it will remain little more than a pipe dream.  But it’ll come with some visuals now in the upcoming release of Tell Tale, based on the Poe short story The Telltale Heart.

Loosely based, anyway….

This looks like little more than an adaptation of The Eye, only with a heart instead.  Headey plays a doctor overseeing a recent transplant for a young single father whose wife abandoned him years prior.  But he’s starting to have some problems with the new organ, and it’s causing him to hallucinate horrible visions.  As it turns out, the new heart comes with some baggage of its own–the original owner was murdered.  Now, our young father has to set out and find the donor’s killer, lest he wind up dead too.

Sounds pretty interesting, really, and we’ll get the opportunity to find out when it hits later on.  It’s already been making the rounds at festivals, so hopefully a firm release date isn’t far behind.

After Dark Terror Hotties: The Broken

Carrying on with our discussion on the terror hotties of the After Dark Horrorfest and the movies they were found in brings us to a French title, The Broken.

Lena Headey isn’t just a big name–she’s also a terror hottie, owing largely to stuff like this and of course her time as Sarah Connor back during the ill-fated Fox series The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Normally, the French can be counted on to do downright horrifying things with their horror (no, that’s not really that redundant.  French horror almost redefines “over the top”), so you can imagine my surprise to find a rather cerebral title instead.  Think “Mirrors”, only without the things jumping around and you’ll get the idea.

This one also came as a pretty big surprise (I like to watch them in what I think will be reverse order, from worst to best, after a bad experience the first year in which I started off with Gravedancers and discovered everything after wasn’t as good), and managed to keep my interest despite a lack of big “horror-action” sequences.  There weren’t many chases or killings or anything, but it relied on a general sense that the world was falling apart to make its horror.  And that really worked out well here.

Lena Headey to Tackle Black Death?

(Lena Headey)

We all know and love Lena Headey from her role as John Connor’s mom Sarah in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (seriously, she’s one of the best parts of that whole show) so it’s no real surprise that she’ll be making her way to the fore in upcoming Black Death.

This time around, it’s not just bubonic plague that’s got Europe all in a tizzy—it’s those darned necromancers!  And when the woman a young monk loves dies (I was not aware monks hooked up.  Aren’t there vows about that sort of thing?  But anyway.), he heads out to find one of these necromancers, backed up by a knight and his mercenary company.  But when the monk actually finds the necromancer, well, it’s likely to go a lot worse than the monk expected.

It’s definitely innovative—I think the last piece of medievalist fiction we got recently was something about King Arthur.  And you know I’m a sucker for innovative, so Black Death just got itself on my must-see list.

Is The Broken Poster A Sign of Good To Come?

I admit that I’d been worried about the upcoming After Dark Horrorfest, but looking at the poster for Broken has me thinking twice. Not only does it feature terror hottie and Terminator alum Lena Headey, it also has a really sweet effect that’ll get you thinking about the whole feature.

Especially when you consider the plot synopsis, where Headey sees her double driving the streets of London, and as Headey tries to track down said double, she finds herself neck-deep in a mystery that involves all her nearest and dearest, leaving her unable to trust anyone, as most everyone around her is part of the conspiracy.

Okay, sure…we’ve all seen great posters for horrible movies. And on a more limited level, we’ve seen lousy posters for great movies. Whether the steak will live up to the sizzle is anyone’s guess until sometime this January, and so we’ll have to wait.

Lena Headey Getting Laid…To Rest.


Lena Headey has been a busy, busy terror hottie these days, and it’s pretty clear that it’s working to her advantage.  Oh, sure, I had almost no respect for the Terminator series on Fox—Terminators, as a rule, should not be wisecracking action heroes—but Lena Headey was not half bad, and the fact that she’ll be just one of the names showing up in the upcoming title from Anchor Bay, Laid To Rest, is a pretty encouraging one at that.

Even better, we’ll also get Bobbi Sue Luther and a whole host of other names, giving us a huge adrenaline surge going into it.

But as we’re all well aware, it doesn’t really matter how good a cast list is if the plot isn’t there, so we have to ask, is it?  IS the plot there?  Try the synopsis from bloody-disgusting and see what you think:

Laid to Rest is the terrifying story of a young girl (Bobbi Sue Luther) who wakes up in a casket with a traumatic head injury and no memory of her identity. She quickly realizes she was abducted by a metal-masked serial killer. Isolated in an unfamiliar rural town, she must survive the night and outsmart the technologically inclined murderer, who is hell-bent on finishing what he started.

I’m thinking it’s a distinct shot at a good movie.  Oh, sure, we’ve had serial killers before, but have they ever been so personally involved with just one victim?  And a focus on outsmarting a killer should yield lots of nice cat-and-mouse-game sequences, and should turn Laid To Rest into anything but a dead party.

Lena Headey’s Broken—Downright Shattered

Lena Headey, who gave us plenty of joy in the Terminator series on Fox, will be coming back in the upcoming 2008 After Dark Horrorfest title, The Broken.  The plot is actually pretty nifty—a radiologist named Gina is on her way home one day when she’s convinced that she just saw herself driving by.  In her own car.  Now that by itself is six different shades of freaky, but where it gets stranger is where she follows her double back to an unfamiliar apartment.  There she finds a picture of herself…with her father.

Shortly thereafter she finds herself in the hospital, for unknown reasons.  Something seems off about her boyfriend, the ceiling above the bathroom has developed a really unpleasant blood leakage, and she’s constantly seeing broken mirrors everywhere.

Now this sounds like fourteen different shades of freaky, and I’m definitely—as usual!—looking forward to the After Dark Horrorfest this year.

Lena Headey Listens to Her Heart

Lena Headey, terror hottie who did a fair job in the thoroughly mediocre Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, is somehow managing to get in on an Edgar Allen Poe story adaptation.

Now that by itself is freaky enough–the adaptation involves a recently transplanted heart that leads its transplantee on a search to find the donor’s killer–but they’ve got a doozy of a schedule set up for this. Sure, we’ve all heard about the “in and out in a week” style of filmmaking, and what complete garbage that can spawn, but this one’s got a schedule of six weeks.  Sound like enough to shoot a Poe adaptation?

Well, either way, we’re likely to find out pretty soon!


Lena Headey, meanwhile, continues to surprise me by coming out of Sundance on a horrific note, proving once and for finally that she is well and truly lodged into horror hottie material.

It’s called Broken, and Bloody Disgusting’s got a review of it over here.

Chances are, very few of you have even heard of this–it was news to me!–but based on the backhanded praise coming from Bloody Disgusting it might be one to check out.  Though the script is apparently somewhat shoddy and lacking in the ending (which frankly is no surprise; most problems in movies, in horror movies especially, seem to come in the last fifteen minutes), the rest of it is in fair shape and the execution will manage to do the nigh-impossible and make up for it.

Die-hard horror buffs out there will know that good writing will often make up for shoddy execution, but that the reverse almost never happens.  And for Bloody Disgusting to come out and say that that’s what’s going to happen with Broken makes me really interested in catching a look.

Here’s hoping it gets distributed, and that newly-minted horror hottie Lena Headey can keep churning out the hits!

Black Death

So I hear from the good people at Bloody Disgusting that Lena Headey of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is making a move to big screen horror, in the upcoming “Black Death”.

Though the whole …Sarah Connor Chronicles thing, at last report, is having a tough time finding an audience, we all have to agree it’s not really Headey’s fault, as she’s doing more than her job playing badass hottie Sarah Connor.

As for her upcoming work, check out the plotline on this sucker, ganked from the good people at Bloody Disgusting:

Set in an apocalyptic medieval world, “Death” details the story of a band of brothers whose quest is to hunt down a necromancer against the backdrop of the first outbreak of bubonic plague in England.

Headey, meanwhile, will be playing a village ruler who put together a pact with the random forces of darkness, presumably what those brothers are on their way to hunt down and destroy. 

Which all sounds like it’s going to be fairly interesting–sounds like a more horror-driven The Brothers Grimm only with more rats—though maybe not as original as we might like, at least they’re going to use a halfway decent formula, so there’s a good chance it’ll come out at least palatable.Oh yeah–and putting Headey in on things is definitely packing this full of horror hottie.