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Terror Hotties Even Put Other Terror Hotties At Risk

When I first heard about Naked Fear I thought that this was going to turn somebody’s e-mail inbox into a river of fire. I thought this mostly because of the subject matter, in which a number of strippers are suddenly disappearing from a small town owned because some guy wants to hunt them naked. And when I say hunt them, I mean actually to hunt them. As in with a rifle.

I thought sure somebody was going to scream that this was just sexist, because once again, women are naked victims while the men do the hunting. But then I was doubly surprised to discover that a woman wrote the script for Naked Fear. That’s right–Naked Fear was written by none other than Christine Vasquez!
So can a movie written by a woman that involves naked women being hunted in the woods by a large gun toting man be sexist? Well, I don’t know, but it definitely cements at least two new terror hotties in position–both Vasquez and leading lady Danielle De Luca.