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Bruce Campbell’s Back!—And He’s Brought Along The Terror Hotties!

(Deborah Foreman)

It’s amazing to see Bruce Campbell getting back into actual horror films and it’s even more amazing to see the terror hotties are following him like Deborah Foreman. A recent film from–not surprisingly–at Lions Gate gives us the townsfolk of Purgatory who are entirely vampires. The ruler of the town of Purgatory has forbidden the tradition of human bloodletting, and now the vampires must get their needs satisfied from synthetic bottled blood. The problem is, no one particularly likes the bottled blood so the people of Purgatory want to get themselves some real A negative– and this is doubly handy now that the Harrisons, a regular non-vampire family, have moved to town.

Let me just say personally that I’m glad to see Bruce Campbell back in the horror film circuit once again. There was a long stretch in which he wasn’t doing much of anything except cheesy voiceovers and one-shot cameos. To actually see him acting again is just a treat.

Will the Harrisons wind up on Purgatory’s chopping block or will the rebellion for real blood be put down? You can find out at your local video store because it’s out right now.