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Terror Hotties Get Into Music

Anybody else remember that episode of South Park that was about the brown noise?  You know–that one special note that you can play to make an entire roomful of people forcibly defecate?  Well, leave it to the Japanese to hijack that concept and just ram it through the roof in the form of The Suicide Song featuring terror hotties like Ryuhei Matsuda.

Basically, The Suicide Song is about what it sounds like–a song that makes people commit suicide. Of course the questions remain, such as: where did this song come from? Who actually came up with such a song? And my personal favorite, why isn’t this song currently on American Idol so we can finally shut that ridiculous thing down once and for all?  But I digress, and I kid.  It’s good to see the Japanese get back into sheer outlandish horror again because they’re just so darn good at it.  The Japanese have always had a talent for this kind of thing so I’m definitely pleased to seeing them get back into it.