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The Exorcist: Unnecessarily Long Title Edition

One of the first great terror hotties has to be Linda Blair.  A gifted actress who not only made the pea soup-spewing Regan MacNeil famous, but also managed to effectively parody herself in the movie Repossessed, she’s definitely got the chops to be a terror hottie.  So it’s especially interesting to be able to tell you about The Exorcist: The Version You Have Never Seen Before coming to Blu-ray.

What separates this one from the version you already know and love is that this one contains extra scenes courtesy of the original director William Friedkin.  Plus, of course, it’s on Blu-ray, so you can expect better sound and picture quality, along with a panoply of as-yet-unnamed options.

I’m not a hundred percent sure this was exactly, you know, worth it, but being as The Exorcist was one of the great classics of the era it’s not so out of line to bump it up to Blu-ray with a few add-ons.  You can see this one for yourself when it comes out September 8th.

Terror Hotties Come Back From The Past

A little bit of retro terror hottie comes to us with a re-release of 1984’s Savage Streets in which Linda Blair and Linnea Quigley come together to take on a gang leader.  Quigley plays a deaf mute who will get raped by the aforementioned gang leader, and Linda Blair plays her sister who goes out for revenge with a crossbow and enough from rage to light up a small town.  If rage were electricity, that is.

This is of course pretty terrifying stuff–especially Linda Blair with a crossbow, and the comparisons between this and early Charles Bronson are an especial delight.  You just don’t get many movies like that these days is willing to take up a crossbow and start a trail of bloody vengeance in the name of a raped deaf-mute sister.  Seems like these days it’s all victims, victims, victims! Movies like Hostel and High Tension and Captivity and a host of others have shown us nothing but a litany of tortures inflicted on victims.  Movies continually ask questions like: What can we do to the victims? What horrible torture can we inflict upon the victims?

Why aren’t other victims getting payback? Why aren’t the victims doing the damage?

I ask you, where have all the vigilantes gone?