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More Fun With Anchor Bay and Terror Hotties

The fun does not stop at Anchor Bay as they give us another slice of sweet terror hottie with Alisa Marshall in Breathing Room. However this one does not bode so well for the viewing public is it looks to bear a strong resemblance to common flagship title and huge ripoff magnets Saw. The plot puts Alisa Marshall in a roomful of strangers all of whom were in prison uniforms and electric shock dog collars. From there they are thrown into some kind of game featuring rules they must abide and clues they must solve to possibly find freedom and answers. Not everyone of course will make it out alive.

Could be a bit of a yawnfest, might be something interesting, and when I get a chance to actually see it we’ll find out more later. But on the up side, at least Alisa Marshall gives a something great to look at while the rest of this is going on, so it’s hardly a complete loss.