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Terror Hotties Serve Up Dystopia A La Carte

(Emma Choy)

It’s dystopia and terror hottie joy from Emma Choi that combine to give us The Vanguard, a new and interesting horror flick released just recently on video from the good folks at Anchor Bay.

Now, I’m really starting to get a lot of respect for Anchor Bay. Not only do they regularly release the choices revampings of old horror (they’re the ones who got us Dario Argento’s Demons series in a two-pack as well as the Necronomicon box set edition of the Evil Dead trilogy), but they’re also starting to be the place to go for the choicest new stuff as well.

Seriously—when they can put out Behind the Mask, Hatchet, and now this, they’re a force to be reckoned with. The Vanguard is about a horrible and all too likely near future (2015, no less, proving once again that the Mayan calendar is a steaming load) where the last oil fields are lost to global war, and corporations are creating their own paramilitary forces to enforce a sort of law. Oh, and there are zombies. Yes, of course there are zombies, what did you expect? Meanwhile, one survivor finds himself the target of the corporations, the hope of the fledgling Resistance, and hunted by the ever present zombies.

Definitely something worth checking into, it’s now available from Anchor Bay.