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Red Ridge Is Home For Terror Hotties

(Shauna McLean)

Another fresh release that features more terror hottie joy than anyone has a right to expect is Red Ridge.  Featuring both Shauna McLean and Amanda Welles in a story of a whole lot of trouble in a cabin near the Texas-Mexico border where a whole bunch of people will get captured and murdered and probably even some torture involved from the sounds of things.

So, yes, it certainly SOUNDS like a whole heaping stack of MOTS filmmaking at its very worst (MOTS is a term I learned a long way back for More of the Same), and when I saw this sucker on video store shelves recently I could almost hear it begging me to pick it up because it knew it wasn’t going home with anyone but the unwary and the journalist.  It’s enough to put me off horror movies for like a whole WEEK.  At least it’s starting to look like this kind of sludge is becoming the exception rather than the rule.