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Thora Birch Hops A Train To Terror Hottie-dom

(Thora Birch)

So it’s happy news from Lions Gate for terror hottie fans as Train gets a release date on DVD.  Featuring terror hottie Thora Birch, you’ll be able to catch this one when it hits DVD November 17th.

As for the plot, anyone out there describing it as “Hostel on a train” isn’t likely to be too far off, which makes me sad just thinking about it.  Anyway, it’s also being called a “quasi-remake of Terror Train”, which gives me some hope, also.

A college wrestling team is touring Eastern Europe–already a red flag–and after a late-night party in which most everyone got spectacularly drunk, several members of said wrestling team miss their train to Odessa.  When an alternate train becomes available, the wrestlers take their opportunity…but what waits on that train is a fate much worse than any of them imagined.

As long as they lean more towards “slasher movie” than “torture porn”, then Train ought to come out all right.  The other way, however, and this WILL become Hostel On A Train, and that will be a catastrophe of terrible proportions.

Terror Hotties Make You Want To Take the Bus

(Thora Birch)

Thora Birch gives us all whole new reason to reconsider bus travel with the upcoming release of Train, the quasi-remake to Terror Train. Released by, not surprisingly, Lions Gate, Train is about a group of American college athletes who find themselves on a train in Europe that’s a lot more hazardous than anyone gave it credit for.  In an interesting twist, Train will screen at Screamfest mid-October in its original NC-17 fashion!

Now that has my eyebrows raised just a smidge as horror films generally do not get NC-17’s–they either push for R or go to unrated–which makes me wonder if Lions Gate doesn’t have a theatrical distribution in mind for this one.  Not immediately of course, since it’s going to a horror festival first, but maybe eventually.  Surely it can’t be much worse than Midnight Meat Train’s horrible fate.  Either way, we’ll find out fairly soon as, like I said, it gets festival screenings mid-October before going on from there.