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Troma’s Father’s Day Readies For A Theatrical Release

Troma’s been responsible for a whole lot of strange horror and plenty of terror hotties to boot. But the folks who helped get Tiffany Shepis to the height of terror hottiedom have brought us a yet another title to look forward to, if for no other reason than the sheer spectacle of it. It’s called Father’s Day, and it’s going to be a doozy.

Father’s Day, featuring Amy Groening and Meredith Sweeney, among others, follows the story of a bloated homicidal lunatic who kills and rapes…fathers. No one’s quite sure just why he does it, but one thing’s for sure, he can’t keep going on like that. And someone’s going to try and put paid to him directly.

This is actually going to get a theatrical release, though likely a limited one, and you’ll be able to catch it yourself January 13th, 2012. And yes, in case you’re wondering, that will be a Friday the 13th. Sounds bizarre to say the least, but Troma’s made a legacy out of bizarre, so hopefully this one won’t be offensively bad and more offensively hilarious.

Night of the Demons Release Date–Finally!

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the return of Night of the Demons, especially given that the remake is going to be so crammed full of terror hotties that it’s not even funny, you’ll be happy to know that a release date has, finally, been announced.

It’s September 23rd.

Featuring Diora Baird, Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena, Bobbi Sue Luther and Tiffany Shepis, Night of the Demons sends a bunch of kids out for a Halloween party in an abandoned–and ultimately demonically possessed–house that they’ll never forget.

Some are already quite concerned–this isn’t the FIRST such release date we’ve heard, and moreover, September 23rd is a Thursday.? Most video releases occur on Tuesdays and theatrical releases are Fridays.? So what gets released on a Thursday?

We’ll have to keep an eye on this one, but it’s still one to watch.

Bad News About Stripped

(Tiffany Shepis)

The word coming back about the upcoming Tiffany Shepis oeuvre is that it’s going to, apparently, owe a WHOLE lot to “French cinema” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

Now, admittedly, French cinema has put out a lot of scary stuff, if a bit heavy on the fake blood, but The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most frequently cited horror titles EVER as an influence.

And considering I didn’t much enjoy The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to begin with, (and considering that many of those films that cite it as an “influence” go on to be about eighty percent crap) it doesn’t exactly bode well for the upcoming title.

But there’s always a chance that it’ll pull through, and you know we’ll be keeping a very close watch on this one to see how it all comes out.

Tiffany Shepis Brings Us More Horror

(Tiffany Shepis)

Perhaps one of the most underrated actresses currently working in Hollywood is the divine Tiffany Shepis, who has repeatedly blown us away with her skills at horror film in all sorts of settings.? She’s been both woefully underused and depended on for entire films, so you know she’s got experience on every possible frontier.? This makes the upcoming Stripped all the more exciting.

Described as “post-feminist horror”, Stripped follows a birthday outing that ends with the birthday party getting trapped in a house full of evil, vicious women.? Thus, the birthday party is left to fight for their very lives against this horde of angry women.

Say what you will, but the female has often been described as “the deadlier of the species”, and thus, I’m expecting this one to be something else.

Filming is set to begin in Texas in late May, so it’s going to be a hot time, and it might even be out in time for Halloween.

Tiffany Shepis Still Extraordinarily Busy

Has someone cloned this woman while no one was looking?  I swear, she shows up in something new every couple of weeks!  And now, we’ve got a trailer out for yet ANOTHER Tiffany Shepis appearance in Rule of 3.

Rule of 3 takes place in one motel room, at three different points in time–through this motel room, we get to see the events that happen before, during and after a college graduate’s abduction.

I have to admit, I’m actually pretty intrigued by this.  One motel room, three different times, one overarching plot?  Now that’s a unique approach to things!  I’m almost always willing to give the new and unique a try, and thus, I’m definitely looking forward to this one.  Release dates haven’t come out yet, but when I’ve got them, you’ll get them next.

Animated Terror Hotties, Anyone?

(Tiffany Shepis)

Well, let’s face it—you get Tiffany Shepis in anything, I’m going to sit up and take notice.  You throw in Lance Henriksen and that’s an eyebrow raiser.  THEN you toss in Danielle Harris, Nicki Clyne, Katie Nisa, Lydia Lunch and even more…well, now you’ve got something that I can’t ignore for very long.  It’s called Godkiller, and it’s an “illustrated film” with a limited theatrical release and then a much wider DVD release on September 29, 2009.

In case you’ve already heard of this one, there’s some very recent developments on this one—the official trailer has just been released.  And based on what I’ve seen of the trailer this might be one to keep an eye on, as a dystopian future in which a post-nuclear war Earth is colonized by aliens, leaving the surviving humans as second-class citizens.

Now we’ve got even MORE reason to look forward to September, which is shaping up to be a huge month for horror fans.

Keeping Terror Hotties As Pets Only Sounds Like Fun

(Tiffany Shepis)

Chances are, if you’ve been reading this for any length of time, you already know that I’m incredibly fond of Tiffany Shepis.  Her work is consistently solid, and you can pretty much count on her to turn in a choice performance no matter how bad the rest of the movie around her is.  Her skills will be put to the test with the upcoming release of Good Boy, a movie that asks the question, if you try to keep a human being as a pet, is it only a matter of time before they kill you for it?

A young man with a miserable job tries valiantly to get some kind of joy in his life, but can only seem to get it by stealing from his employers.  Desperate, he packs up his ill-gotten gains and heads out in search of a new life, but finds his quest stalled by a homicidal maniac who keeps human beings as pets.

It’s already premiered at the Arizona International Film Festival, so there may be a chance we’ll get to see it if someone picks it up for distribution.

Necrosis Gets New Name And New Trailer

Well here’s some interesting news, folks—the movie that turns eighties pop icon Tiffany into a full bore terror hottie, along with more conventional terror hottie Elizabeth Brissenden, just got itself a name change.  It’s no longer Necrosis…say hello to Blood Snow.  And while you’re at it, also give a warm welcome to the brand new trailer that’s just emerged for it.

When six friends make tracks for a weekend of jolly drunken fun in the snow, their target of choice is not a commercial ski resort, but rather a secluded cabin in the frozen ass-end of nowhere.  This is of course a huge mistake as it turns out their secluded cabin isn’t terribly far from where the Donner Party met their final end.  It only gets worse when a massive freak snowstorm pops up, stranding the group.  And of course, their staying in that cabin ends up bringing the ghosts of same back to life…or does it?  Are they hallucinating?  Or are they being attacked by cannibal ghosts?

With a new trailer and a name change up, they should be closing in on finishing.  No word on release dates though, but we’ll keep our eyes open.

Tiffany Shepis Marries…Badly

It’s true, o my readership…it’s sad and true indeed that, for some reason, Tiffany Shepis is getting married.

Though I confess that this isn’t really the sad news–it’s the target of her matrimonial endeavor that has me all a-squeamish.  It’s none other than the depressing half of A&E’s The Two Coreys, Corey Haim.

No, REALLY.  Corey Haim.

While, granted, this gives all us goobs out there a note of confidence–if a complete talentless loser like Corey Haim can land Tiffany By-God Shepis there’s no end to what the rest of us assholes can pull off.  His career looks like baked death, and watching him even once in “The Two Coreys” felt like an exercise in casual torture both for him AND for us.  It was nice to know that he was going through easily as much torment as watching him was.  I LIKE being on an equal footing for a change.

Still though, I can’t begin to imagine what hooked those two up–it’s been a long time since the Billy Joel / Christie Brinkley dynamic was cited, but I guess it still somehow works.  Maybe Tiffany’s really into knowing that he can’t possibly do any better.  There’s got to be SOME explanation going on here.

Terror Hotties Know All The Best Games

You know, I can’t help but love the thought that somewhere, a horror movie is rapidly becoming a horror movie game.  And that is definitely the case with slumber party slaughterhouse, a DVD game/movie that will feature loads of terror hotties getting massacred in the best horror movie fashion.  The plot such as it is is the absolute zenith of exploitation in as a hapless young team from air conditioner repair school is about to graduate when he finds himself excluded from a graduation party that will feature hookers and cocaine.  Why is he excluded you might ask simple because his bi-curious ex-girlfriend has convinced in his other friends not to invite him and instead give her his hooker!

Those are young geeky fellow rep retires to a bubblebath with his laptop to watch porn accidentally electrocuted, he finds himself visited by a Devil girl who will ask him several slasher movie trivia questions and for everyone he gets correct he is allowed to possess a hooker and use that hooker to kill party guests.

I am quite literally laughing myself stupid right now.  I’ve never seen a plot so deliberately over-the-top, and an audience participation component is even more interesting. The fact that they’re going to use this as a coordination with live action horror– some plans are in place to use it as a theatrical component to give away prizes at life screenings– suggests an entire new paradigm in horror movies.

Oh yeah…and it doesn’t hurt to have a laundry list of terror hotties involved either, including Masuimi Max, Joanna Angel, Katie Nisa, Melissa Bacelar, and of course, the divine Miss Tiffany Shepis.

Tiffany Shepis Will Have Nun of That, Thank You

It’s like I’ve said dozens of times, I love Tiffany Shepis’ work, which is why I’m always so amazed when she’s come out with yet another title. Indeed, she’s come out with yet another title and I’m just all sorts of amazed.

Coming out on DVD on September 9th, which is not very far away at all, is one of Tiffany Shepis’ many new pieces, a little thing called Nympha. And Nympha, incongruently enough, is the story of a girl named Sarah who’s out to join the New Order Convent of nuns. The rules are very, VERY strict, so most of the nuns wind up being naughty and punished and…oh, wait. No, that’s not quite it, although for a Tiffany Shepis movie that’s not so far out of line. Anyway, we get to watch Sarah proceed down the long and thorny path to becoming a New Order nun, and of course, it won’t be pretty for anyone.

Is it possible I won’t like a Tiffany Shepis movie? Oh, anything’s possible, and I’ll find out soon enough if it’s any good.

Big Old Block of Zombie Movies


When I am about to watch a horror flick there are names of people that will automatically sell me on a project. Of course there is a huge difference between indie and mainstream when I do this but thats another article all together. Anyway if I ever hear names like Tiffany Shepis, Robert Elkins or our first Fresh Meat Vixen Monique Dupree.. Thats it.. I’m sold.. Well imagine a film that has them all and you have ZOMBthology.

The new trailer is a bit of a dissappointment because we don’t get to see all of their work in action except a lot of Tiffany Shepis which is never a bad thing. Personally I enjoyed the first trailer more. The film in case you have no idea is an anthology of four zombie films. The wraparound story is pretty much told in this trailer. Four directors, four zombie films.. Sounds good to me. For a complete synopsis click on the title above.

I’m immensely fond of the work of Tiffany Shepis, as longtime readers will know by now, so it’s definitely worth noting that Tiffany Shepis will be coming back for a round of zombie films when the four-title anthology (with wraparound story!) ZOMBthology .  Apparently already released in Virginia, if you believe the IMDB, there’s no word that I’ve been able to spot on wider releases, but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Think about that for a minute—four zombie movies in one box, with Tiffany Shepis involved?  Man, there’s no reason NOT to love that.  And that is why I’m so irritated as to the seeming lack of release data on it—why can’t I get my hands on a copy?  Netflix is baffled by its existence; no word there.  Don’t even get the IMDB involved—it says it was released in Virginia last July.  Well, where ELSE is it?  I’m all a-baffle, and I don’t like being stymied.

More on this one when I can find it!

Finally Someone Pays Attention When I Talk


And now some really good news!  Remember when I was bitching and moaning about the lack of actual horror talent going into the Night of the Demons remake?  Well, I think they took me seriously because GUESS who they got in to handle some of the acting duties?

That’s right…none other than Tiffany Shepis herself!

That officially jacks the horror cred on this movie through the roof.  While we don’t know just what role Shepis will be playing in this one—Shannon Elizabeth apparently already has Angela on lockdown which Shepis would have been perfect for–her filmography easily contains more titles than the previously announced actresses combined.  She’s been at this for pushing ten years now and she only gets better with each passing role.  The woman is some kind of freaky genius and a total terror hottie, so you know this is going to be big.  I’m all sorts of looking forward to it now, but we’re in for a good long wait as shooting won’t even start until mid-September.

Zombies Zombies Zombies! What More Do You Need?

(Jessica Barton)

You know…when you give me a piece of news about a movie that has Tiffany Shepis in it, of course I’m going to be interested.  When you tell me Jessica Barton is also involved, I’m not only going to be interested, I’m going to be downright piqued.  And if you manage to tell me that the title of this Shepis-Barton confluence is “Zombies Zombies Zombies”, I’m going to look at you with a tear in the corner of my eye and say “You had me at “Tiffany Shepis”.”

Seriously!  Do you even WANT to know what the plot is at that point?  It’s Tiffany Shepis AND Jessica Barton!  They could STARE at each other for ninety minutes and it still wouldn’t be that bad.  Throw in zombies and you know it’s going to be at least passably good, even better when I tell you that Shepis and Barton will be playing strippers taking on a horde of zombies.  This was to be, interestingly enough, the original zombie-vs.-stripper movie before Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund managed to beat everybody to the punch with “Zombie Strippers”.  Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you—getting beaten to the punch by THAT knockout combo isn’t exactly a sign of weakness—but Shepis and Barton together as strippers versus a legion of the undead will definitely be a good watch when it hits video stores in September.

Home Sick–Crazies With Razors And Tiffany Shepis


Any time you can get the always-lovely Tiffany Shepis, ass-kicker extraordinaire, involved in a movie there’ll be at least one major redeeming feature to it.  Namely, her performance.

Seriously, the addition of Tiffany Shepis to even the lousiest movies–and here I am looking at Scare Crow–can add a bright spot of sheer fun and joy that you’ll forget just how deeply flawed the rest of the movie is.  It’s like a twenty-carat diamond in a setting of rusted scrap iron: who cares how bad the rest of it is because there’s that huge freaking rock right in the center of it.

And this time, Tiffany’s twenty-carat performance will be lodged in the middle of Home Sick, a movie revolving around a lunatic with a suitcase full of razor blades who–along with some kind of superhuman monstrousity–actively menaces a small town in Alabama.  A group of kids menaced by the killing machines must join forces with–I really can’t believe I’m typing this–an insane chili enthusiast to save themselves and their small town.

We’ll get to see all the feudin’ and a-fussin’ at the end of August.