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You’ve Got To Love The Japanese

The American Film Market has probable a lot of interesting titles to light so far, not least among them is upcoming horror-ish action title Missing, in which a man planning to propose marriage to his girlfriend hates engagement ring in some ancient underwater ruins off the Yonaguni Island in Japan. And of course with a name like Yonaguni you pretty much knew it had to be in Japan, and further of course you know that range is not going to be anywhere near as easy to get back as it was to hide.

Japanese films have never exactly been known for their logic and narrative but even I am a little baffled by this one– what the hell is this guy doing meeting in engagement ring in underwater ruins? Is his sock drawer occupied? The glove compartment of his car? Absolutely anywhere else on Earth besides in the huge underwater ruins?

But then if we started getting that logical we probably wouldn’t have the movie to begin with. Featuring Angelica Lee as our terror hottie, and probably as the poor dumb bitch who’s going to get stuck with this asshole who’s hiding rings in FREAKING UNDERWATER RUINS, there’s no word yet on release dates so I’ll keep you posted.

Recycling The Terror Hotties

Angelica Lee gives us a taste of Asian terror hiding with the recent release Recycle, a movie featuring a young writer in the midst of her second novel who gets drawn into an alternate reality that serves as a dumping ground for forgotten hopes and dreams.

This by itself is pretty scary when you stop and think about it–imagine all the things you wanted to do when you were a kid yet never got a chance to do. Then, imagine all the things you wanted to do when you were an adult but you never got a chance to do them.

Now imagine a place where all of these forgotten and other abandoned dreams go when they die.

They’re probably not very happy with you.

And a place where your forgotten dreams go to die sounds pretty scary, which is why I am definitely looking forward to getting a copy of Recycle now out on DVD.