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Hodder and the Hottie—Old Habits Die Hard

Old-school horror fans will be happy to know that Kane Hodder is back in business with a film called Old Habits Die Hard.  However, Kane Hodder is not the key attraction in this, at least not from a terror hottie standpoint.  Rather the key attraction for us will be Stacey Dixon, part of a small insane family called the Hollises who operate, not surprisingly, one of the area’s most successful businesses, the Hollis Funeral Home and Mortuary.

Old Habits Die Hard is being referred to as reminiscent of old eighties horror and that’s not so hard to believe when you consider the plot, which features not only all sorts of weirdness going on in an ancient house, but also of the seating of family members in key positions of town authority throughout the local area.

Personally, I believe that plot twist is about as overused is “Luke I am your father” but that’s just me.  The addition of Kane Hodder to the cast does certainly give it a note of authenticity that is so often lacking in films like this but is it trying to coast too far on its limited star power?  When we’ll find out I’m not quite sure — the only things released so far from the studio appear to be a synopsis and a poster, so how far in shooting is is anybody’s guess.