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Carrie Fisher Back In The Game As A Terror Hottie

So I heard last week that Carrie Fisher is getting back into the horror game.  I can’t help but find this somewhat unnerving, as her track record over horror filmmaking is somewhat sparse.  Though I do admit that she carries a lot of credibility in the geek community because of her work with, of course, Star Wars.  But the question remains, is this going to be enough to carry her into a horror film?

And what Carrie Fisher finds herself neck-deep in the middle of this time around is a remake of a House on Sorority Row called– not surprisingly–Sorority Row.  The original featured a group of sorority girls attempting to cover up the death of one of their own killed during a prank gone awry.  Naturally this is the perfect time for a serial killer to get involved and start killing the rest of them off.  Fisher will be playing the sorority mother.

I can’t tell if this is a case of sexism or simple utility as — let’s be honest — Carrie Fisher’s golden bikini days are fairly well behind her.  Before you start accusing me of sexism in that particular branch, let’s not forget that even Kevin Smith’s most recent involvement with Carrie Fisher was as a nun.  Rounding out the cast will include Rumer Willis (yes, as in Bruce Willis’s daughter ) Julian Morris and Briana Evigan.