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The Voice of a Terror Hottie Keeps Raccoon City Moving


Sometimes, a terror hottie can be made on the strength of her voice, and that’s definitely the case with Alyson Court, original voice actress for Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2, who will be reprising the role for the upcoming Resident Evil: Degeneration.

The plot is being held somewhat under wraps—it’s slated to hit shelves mid-October in Japan and make it to America just in time to bid 2008 goodbye—but the events take place seven years after the fall of Raccoon City, and it’s clear we’re not using the Paul W.S. Anderson continuity any more because, as I recall, Raccoon City got nuked soundly at the end of two which is why three had to be some kind of post-apocalyptic thing.  Strangely enough, from the trailer, they’ll actually reference this but they’re downplaying it, calling it “a missile” that hit Raccoon City rather than “a huge freaking nuke”.  This downplaying is rather difficult to do as they even go so far as to show the mushroom cloud.

Speaking of the trailer, it actually features characters from the series instead of inventing its own, which puts it ahead of anything Paul W.S. Anderson ever did with it.  Yes, I know—Jill and Claire and even Carlos were in the original, but let’s be honest, they were badly altered.  Don’t even get me started on Alice The Psychokinetic Girl.  Plus, the trailer looks really, REALLY, good.

We’ll be able to catch this one just ahead of the ball drops, so consider having your friends over for champagne and Resident Evil.