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Terror Hotties Now Come in Killing Jars


(Lindsey Axelsson)

Lindsey Axelsson is terror hottie du jour down at the diner of the damned in the upcoming release The Killing Jar.

The plotline is actually rather engaging—a shotgun-toting stranger takes seven customers hostage in an out of the way diner, but that stranger may be in for a challenge he never expected as his body count begins to rise, and one hostage may be more dangerous than even him.

I have to give them credit for effort on this one—it’s not like anyone’s done this kind of thing lately, and this kind of locked-room-mystery sort of horror is usually a thrilling prospect.  Of course, I liked Identity too, so there’s some accounting for taste here.  This is, however, certainly my kind of movie so I’ll be looking forward to it.

The strange part, however, seems to be the lack of any real data on release dates.  I have absolutely zero idea when this is coming out.  It’s classified as “in production”, but it’s carrying a date of 2008, usually denoting that’s when the film came out.  But it hasn’t yet—I guess it’s possible that it could be released before the end of the year.  There’s still three months left, after all, and I’m definitely interested in breaking open The Killing Jar.