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Take A Terror Hottie to a Midnight Movie

(Rebekah Brandes)

Rebekah Brandes is only part of the terror hottie billing down at the Bijou for a good old fashioned slasher frightfest in the upcoming Midnight Movie.

Slated for release sometime before the end of the year, Midnight Movie takes a neophyte horror fan’s worst fear and brings it to stark, breathing life: what if the killer in the movie just sort of slid off the screen and started running amok?

Yes, I know—this sounds an awfully lot like the plot of Dario Argento’s classic “Demons”, and it’s very much in the same vein. But that’s okay, frankly—it’s not like very many people have tried that approach, so there’s something approaching originality in here. The web site, meanwhile, is downright freaky; it’s been built like an old-style theatre that’s beginning to show its age. From the upright arcade machine in the lobby to the somewhat dodgy concession stand, everything’s got a role at the Midnight Movie theatre. And the trailer looks scary enough for two!

The only question remaining is Midnight Movie’s exact destination. While it’d be GREAT to see this sucker in ACTUAL THEATRES—imagine how mindblowingly cool it’d be to watch a movie about a killer run amok in a theatre IN A THEATRE—I can’t help but believe with a sinking, sneaking suspicion, that this is destined for video stores. And somehow, the value of the whole thing is, slightly, diminished.