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Never Cry Werewolf Unless There’s A Terror Hottie Around


I remember seeing this one on the Sci-Fi Channel not so long ago, but it came out on DVD this September.  It’s called “Never Cry Werewolf”, and it not only featured a sweet terror hottie in the form of Nina Dobrev, but it was actually pretty entertaining.  AND, it even featured Special Guest Star Kevin Sorbo, so that’s also some pretty sweet news.

Anyway, Nina and company come together in the midst of something mysterious about the new guy in town and his dog.  Thus, Nina makes it her own personal crused to find out just what, exactly, is wrong with the new guy.  And when she finally finds it out, it may spell the end for her and everyone she loves.

I was surprised by how genuinely entertaining the whole thing was—watching Kevin Sorbo run around as a hunter was just as fun as his old Hercules days.  And Nina and the rest of the cast was just as solid in a surprisingly fun and convincing little romp.  Thus when it actually comes out for rent soon, I can actually—amazingly—recommend it.