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The Killer Inside Me Gets Distro

All right, folks, if you were hoping to get the chance to see the Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson starred The Killer Inside Me, but couldn’t make it out to Sundance to catch the joy for yourself, well, cheer up.? The folks out at IFC Films got their hands on it, and are planning to release it through their theatrical and video on demand platforms.

IFC picked this up for a whopping one and a half million bucks–chicken feed by most Hollywood standards–and it’s slated for a release this summer.

The Killer Inside Me, in case you forgot, is about a small town deputy sheriff with a dark secret–he’s a closet serial killer.? Some folks at Sundance objected to the film’s extremely violent sexual content, but that doesn’t seem to slow down the folks at IFC one bit.

This is, of course, good for us because now WE get to make the decision to see it or not, as opposed to, say, bureaucrats in Washington.

Fresh One Sheet and Stills For The Killer Inside Me

(Jessica Alba)

Any time you put Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba together in the same movie, you know you’ve got something interesting on your hands.  And when you make them both terror hotties in the process, the end result is a concept we watch relentlessly around here, The Killer Inside Me.

The premiere just hit Sundance a few days ago, and the official festival one sheet has been making the rounds, along with some fresh new stills.

Just for a refresher, the plot revolves around a local sheriff’s deputy in West Texas that’s hiding a deadly secret–that he’s a serial killer.

Also a new bit of information: the movie is based on a 1952 novel of the same name.

Considering the sheer amount of star power in here, terror hotties included, I get the feeling that this sucker will make at least a quick stop in theaters before it’s all said and done.

Want to See Jessica Alba Get Spanked?

Yeah, I know–it’s that kind of headline that really catches people’s attention.  But it’s no less true for the sensationalistic nature–Jessica Alba really is going to take a licking for her newest movie, The Killer Inside Me.

It may be about a deputy sheriff in Texas who has a really interesting night job as a serial killer (shades of Dexter, anyone?) but I think what most of us will be showing up for is the fantastic terror hottie load.

Any movie that involves Jessica Alba taking a paddling is definitely one for the ages, folks, and one we have to keep an eye on.  And if you’d rather not wait for the movie to come out to catch the spanking, well, all you have to do is hit YouTube, assuming they haven’t already pulled it.  YouTube doesn’t exactly have the stomach for “adult material”, and Jessica Alba getting spanked sounds pretty adult to me.

New Stills From Machete Bring the Terror Hotties

I’m still having a hard time believing that both Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan will be involved in the upcoming release of Machete, but the stills emerging from the production do nothing but serve as further reminders that it is indeed true.

Just in case you need a plot recap, a former Federale (Mexican national police officer) goes off on a brutal campaign of slaughter and bloodshed in a bid to take revenge on the organization that betrayed him.

Frankly, the thought of Lindsay Lohan playing a gun-toting lunatic socialite just fills me with warm fuzzies like no tomorrow.  I’m actually pretty excited for this one and only hope that it doesn’t take too much longer to get here than its planned release date of “sometime in 2010″.  This should be just entirely too good–and entirely too terror hottie laden–to miss.

More Machete Cast Fun!

You won’t believe what OTHER terror hottie is going to be involved in the upcoming Machete from Robert Rodriguez.  I’ve already told you about Lindsay Lohan, and that’s bizarre enough for anybody, but recently added was none other than Jessica Alba!

I know!  That amazes me too!  I’m really liking the way this is turning out so far–between the sheer preponderance of terror hotties going into this thing, along with the out-of-nowhere huge names like Robert De Niro, and just to top it all off the reuniting of Nash Bridges duo Cheech Marin and Don Johnson, I’m just about ready to burst from sheer anticipation!

2010 can’t get here fast enough for me, folks.  This really should be a winner, especially if it mirrors the fake trailer we got from Grindhouse pretty closely.

Jessica Alba Whoring It Up

So Jessica Alba’s whoring herself out for another round as a terror hottie in upcoming movie The Killer Inside Me.

First, that’s actually literal–she’ll be playing a prostitute.

Second, I KNOW that the title is a spectacular pun, but restrain yourselves, please.

Basically, Alba’s going to be working alongside Casey Affleck as a local sheriff who can’t quite restrain the urges he gets every so often to go out and kill somebody.  That’s already pretty freaky–the law every so often just goes berserk and kills a guy?  Who’s better qualified to cover THAT up than the county sheriff?  Bet he’s got a top twenty list of places to dump the bodies.  But will the sheriff wind up a Jack-the-ripper-esque hooker killer?  Or will there be another, more interesting twist?

Regardless, with Michael Winterbottom directing, we may be in for a pretty nifty ride, Alba or no Alba.

Jessica Alba in Latina magazine

A tribute to one of our favorite horror hotties.

So what are Jessica Alba’s favorite movies. Here’s the scoop. And here’s the sexy hottie reenacting the scenes from popular horror classics.

Jessica Alba now horror hottie

In what amounts to a pretty big shocker for me—and probably for us all once I tell you about it—the horror hottie pantheon has a new member. Jessica Alba.

Wow…guess horror really is becoming more and more accessible. And Jessica Alba makes one strange horror hottie, but considering she’s got the number two movie at the box office right now with the remake of The Eye, she’s got to qualify.

You might be wondering what actually managed to beat a halfway decent remake of the Pang Brothers’ solid film (as a side note, what the hell kind of name is “Oxide”, anyway? Was his mother that into chemistry?) in theatres. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that it was the Hannah Montana concert movie—man, when you galvanize them tweens into action, everything’s up for grabs.

I find myself wondering if Alba’s going to keep going down the horror path or segue back into godawful tripe. Knowing her, she’ll manage to find a way to combine the two.

But regardless, she’s still a horror hottie. Welcome to the ranks.