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Don’t Look Back or You’ll Miss The Terror Hotties


(Julie Mond)

Julie Mond and Jessie Ward come together to give us terror hottie fun at the rest stop in the sequel to the film of the same name: Rest Stop 2: Don’t Look Back.

Arriving on DVD from Warner and Raw Feed at the end of September, Rest Stop 2 is set one year after the events of the first Rest Stop, after Nicole and Jesse ran away from home together and are still missing.  Jesse’s brother, meanwhile, has just returned from active duty and, upon learning of the events, sets out with his friends to go find his brother.

You’d think that, if your brother had been missing for that long a time you might be able to petition the military for some kind of compassionate leave, but okay, let’s just go with it.  It’s likely to be more of the same, but bringing in the military guy might jack things up a bit, as usually, people trained as killing machines by the United States government don’t usually get killed by random lunatics in the backwoods.  They’re much harder to sneak up on, for one thing.

But then, things like logic don’t usually apply in horror movies, so look for a huge waste of time to hit store shelves when September runs out.