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Head Hurts? Try Some Club Soda And Terror Hotties


(Sean Serino)

Not too long after our hangovers for 2009’s New Years parties finally boil off, we’ll get a good dose of terror hottie joy in the form of The Dead Matter, featuring Sean Serino and C.B. Spencer as just two of the terror hotties involved.

The plot of The Dead Matter is interesting enough—a vampire artifact with arcane powers over the dead falls into the hands of a grieving young woman who will happily do anything to contact her dead brother again.  Including, most likely, using this artifact–with horrible consequences.

Yes, we can see the plot on this one coming a mile away, but it’s not as though that’s a bad thing.  We have a fair idea of what we’re getting into at the outside, and even better, if any twists happen we’ll be able to catch and enjoy them right away.  Plus, of course, it never hurts that we’ll have plenty of terror hottie involvement in this one. One more reason to look forward to the new year!