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Dear Zombie Diary—Today I Saw Lots of Terror Hotties

Anna Blades and Imogen Church together make up part of a spectacular terror hottie-laced burst of sheer zombie fun: The Zombie Diaries.

Slated for a November 2008 release, The Zombie Diaries’ plot seems refreshingly and surprisingly coherent. Basically, Great Britain’s got yet another neurological pandemic problem (you’d figure they’d do something about this sort of thing after 28 Days Later and all, but I digress), and this time, they’re ready for it with a vaccine. But the vaccine is a mostly-flop, and the infection changes to a much slower breed. Now, a good chunk of the population of England is either a zombie or well on their way to becoming one, and among those left are wandering psychopaths and scavenging survivors.

Now, to me, this sounds like the makings of a great zombie movie. Not only do we get to see the Zombie Apocalypse hit…we also get to see everything AFTER that. A lot of zombie movies—especially RECENT zombie movies—seemed to stop right as the Zombie Apocalypse part hit. Everything was just buildup, but The Zombie Diaries appears to take that one all-important step farther and go INTO ZA. Once that happens you change the ball game, and has me looking forward to November for more than turkey dinner.